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What does it mean if you have clue cells

Clue cells are certain cells in the vagina (vaginal epithelial cells) that appear fuzzy without sharp edges under a microscope. Clue cells change to this fuzzy look when they are coated with bacteria. If clue cells are seen, it means bacterial vaginosis is present.

Así, are clue cells an STD?

The Gardnerella vaginalis infection of the urogenital tract, an STD, is of clinical importance in females and of epidemiological importance in males. Females suffer from vulvovaginitis amine colpitis, with a bad-smelling grey vaginal discharge with a pH of 5.0-5.5, which contains "clue cells".

Así, what does it mean if Clue cells are present?

A sample of vaginal discharge is checked for bacteria, white blood cells, and unusual cells called clue cells. If clue cells are found, it means you may have bacterial vaginosis. Whiff test. A sample of discharge is checked to see if a strong fishy odor is created when a special solution is added.

Aunque, what bacteria is associated with clue cells?

They are a medical sign of bacterial vaginosis, particularly that caused by Gardnerella vaginalis, a group of Gram-variable bacteria. This bacterial infection is characterized by a foul, fishy smelling, thin gray vaginal discharge, and an increase in vaginal pH from around 4.5 to over 5.5.

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