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What is the difference between rust and rust staging branch

We have two versions of Rust, the Release version - which is the common version that everyone plays.. and Staging - which is the development version. The Staging version has all of our latest changes, but might have bugs. The Release version is the most stable version - and at any one time should be the most bug free.

De la siguiente manera, what is rust staging branch for?

Originally posted by Spasticus Autisticus: Staging is where the devs stage future updates. It's a chance to try out and find bugs on new content before official release.

En consecuencia, can I uninstall rust staging branch?

The staging branch is the place updates go for people to test out before they go live. You should be able to uninstall it in your steam library.

Pero también, how do I find someone in Rust online?

First while inside Rust, open up your steam overlay by pressing Shift+Tab. Now all you need to do is click "View Players" under "Friends" as seen below. And that's all you need to do! Now you have access to everyone who's online, send them steam messages, add them, report them, do what you have to do.

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